Shared rooms, $350 each roommate

Posted by: Monica Neira   Last Updated: 1 year ago

I have a property and need a roommate.


POLYTECHNIC STUDENTS. Contact Esther at 480-410-0584. 16 minutes away from campus. Home near RAY & MOUNTAIN. Home originally was set up for guests. Now home is slightly going through a change in the kitchen area. I am looking for roommates for the south wing two bedrooms which carries two queen beds in each room. I need studious roommates. Board and transportation can be included with a fee as the semester becomes busy. There will be a once a month dinner or outing that will be courtesy starting in February. Might change to weekly, depending on how well everyone gets along, our schedules, and etc. Fridge, pantry closet, and counters can be used in the beginning. Laundry room, common spaces, and Utilities included. Kitchen cabinets and sink is out of limits till February.